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Some Old Warhammer Fantasy Stuff

Last week I got into a conversation with a guy who started following my blog. I took a look at his blog and was really impressed with his work, especially his Chaos Marauders with face paint. I mentioned to him that I once had painted some face paint on marauders, and he asked me to post pics. I haven’t played Warhammer Fantasy since 7th edition, but I am slightly intrigued by this Age of Sigmar thing… might just dig these bad boys out of storage for a little tabletop bloodshed. We shall see.

Anyway, as I mentioned, these haven’t seen the light of day in years. I can’t believe it’s been six years or so since I painted them. Interesting how our skills and tastes evolve and change over time. Nowadays this muted palette wouldn’t excite me much, but at the time I wanted to invoke a sense of grim hopelessness with the gritty style. Like, these guys are here to crush you, see you driven before them, and hear the lamentations of your women. In any case, I painted 40 of these bastards and wanted to claw my eyes out when I was done. Big reason why I lost interest in Fantasy. Just couldn’t keep up with the painting demands. 8th ed rolls around and I’m already 150 painted models in… lolwut? I gotta paint 80 more models to stay afloat? No thanks /tableflip

Without further ado, here they are! The first 20.

And the next 20.

Some close ups

The close ups are all from the first batch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I have close up shots of models from the second batch. A shame, too, because that was the better of the two. Maybe if / when I dig them up, I’ll take some.

There you have it. If you’re interested in more of my 28mm work, be sure to check out my Flesh Tearers. I do enjoy working at the 28mm scale because there is so much more room for expression, but it is terribly time consuming and, unfortunately, I don’t ever see myself doing an entire 28mm army again. But maybe some one-offs here and there. If Age of Sigmar truly is playable at the skirmish level, I might just grab a handful of those shiny new Chaos models…. we’ll see!