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DIY Epic or Make Your Own Epic Necron Army!

Back with another quick blog post here. This time I wanted to share some really cool and easy DIY Epic Necron ideas that some of the members of our group have come up with.

Its true; Epic Armageddon is no longer officially supported by GW. But it’s far from dead. The rules are all still freely available on the internet, and army lists are still actively being developed and playtested by fans. The NetEA Website is your one stop site for rules and army lists ready to play straight from the box. All completely free!

Ok, so you have all the rules you need and every army list you could possibly dream of. Now how do you find an army? You can occasionally find good deals on ebay. Space Marines and Orks are fairly abundant and reasonably priced. Or, you can buy proxies and get creative! GW never actually made Necron models for Epic, so, if you want to play with them, you have to do it yourself. Kind of, anyway. And that’s exactly what some of the guys in our group have done. We happen to have three Necron players in our little group. And with all of the cool kit available for Necron out there, it’s very easy to make an army. Check out their stuff!

DIY Necron 2

The “warriors” and “immortals” are Edenite Infantry from Steel Crown Miniatures As you can see, they make some pretty nice Necron proxies. While you are on their site, have a look at their other 6mm products as well. The pylons and monoliths that you see in this picture were never produced by GW, and are, unfortunately, no longer produced and very difficult to find these days. However! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Have a look at what one enterprising member of our group did.

DIY Necron 3

Voila! Monoliths! How cheap and easy is this? And they look great! I might even go as far as to say I prefer them to the “official” models. If you play 40k at all, you may recognize them as Dispersion Shields that the Lychguard carry. Don’t play 40k? Don’t have any buddies who have some of these shields spare? No problem. You might just be able to buy them here or here Of course, a quick search for “Necron bits” or “40k bits” on ebay or google will reveal any number of fine suppliers.

DIY Necron 4

And there you have your Pylon! I think he said this was made from a 40k Necron Deathmark rifle and uhh… I don’t know. I don’t play 40k anymore! But dig around on those bits sites and I’m sure you will find what you’re looking for.

What’s one of the coolest things about playing 40k at this scale? You get to take big ass tanks and flyers and titans and a) not spend a fortune and b) not have them take up the whole table! The Necron in Epic get to take some pretty cool toys. One of them is a baddie called a Warbarque. Think of it as a creepy, floating Warhound titan. That shoots… death rays. And stuff. To my knowledge, no model was ever produced for this, bootleg or otherwise, so you are free to let your imagination run wild.

DIY Necron 5

This is what one person came up with. I believe it is entirely made up of bits from the 40k Necron range.

Or you can go for a ready made option. Another lovely model from Steel Crown

DIY Necron 6

This is the Khazari Droid Controller. Or the Heavy Metal Grimdark Version is also available (now with MOAR SKULLS!!).

Need a Ghost Arc? Well, there might be some trolls who live under a bridge in eastern Europe out beyond the reach of Grandma Wendy who might be willing to sell you a “Necropolis Ghost Ship” (UPDATE: Some little GW fanboy who thinks he’s the IP Police narced to GW, and it is now no longer available – get a life, would you?)

Ghost Arc

Oh! What about a Nightbringer? That can be arranged as well!

DIY Necron 8

There he is in the middle of the ruins looking all dark and brooding. This is a Cairn Wraith from the Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts line.

Again, with all the cool kit that is available from the 40k range and elsewhere, your imagination is the limit. Want to make a Tesseract Vault? You can do that! Take a look at this (very) WIP model from the workdesk of one of our guys –

DIY Necron 7

Bend some wire into shape and paint it bright green to make it look like crackling energy and / or put a little glowy dude in the center there and you have something pretty cool. For more inspiration, I bet a quick dig through the Warhammer Fantasy Tomb Kings range would yield all kinds of fun bits that you can use.

There you have it. I’ve provided you with all the ideas, rules, and links to make it happen! And when these links go dead, well, at least you know what terms to search for. This means that YOU NO LONGER HAVE AN EXCUSE! You must build an Epic army. You know you want to! You’re here, aren’t you? A man doesn’t walk on the lot unless he wants to buy! 🙂

Oh, and the price? Our guys spent between $150 – $200 for an entire army. The one with the really nice green paint job and the rare items spent $300 – but it was already painted and had the rare items. Necron not your thing? Check out the links to other proxy models on the right. Now you really have no excuse!

If you find this article useful, please do let me know in the comments. Also, if you have an Epic army that you’ve done a lot of DIY work on, let me know! I’d love to feature it or link to it.