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Starting a Warmaster Chaos Army – Thank God for Army Painter Quickshade!

I’m getting started (slowly!) on a Warmaster Chaos army.  I took one look at these little guys and said, “Oh, hell no!” to all of the fiddly little details all over them.  I wanted a way to paint them quickly and easily with good results.  I had heard good things about the Army Painter Quickshade, so I gave it a try.  I brush it all on rather than dip, and I’ve been very pleased!

Dragon Ogres Before 1 Dragon Ogres Before 2

Dragon Ogres After 1 Dragon Ogres After 2

I think they look great!  You just slap a base coat on and the QuickShade takes care of the rest.  I knew I was going to be using cool colors for this army, so I selected the darkest shade.

Here are some more models I’ve painted.

019a 021A 022A


Can’t wait to play!