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A Day of Epic Gaming and a 16,000 Point Mega Battle!

The Los Angeles Epic crew had a fun day of nerding out playing Epic today.  We also had our league championship match.  Biel-Tan Eldar defeated Adeptus Mechanicus PDF to take the crown.  Three tables of gaming and tons of fun, featuring a 2 vs 2 mega battle with 8,000 points per side.  Ghazkull’s Horde vs. Iron Warriors and Black Legion!

The forces face off!  Note the Ork commander’s shirt 🙂Epic4a

A swirling vortex of violence!  That’s a lot of Orks!

Chaos sets up an armored wall of death to repel the Ork onslaught

Both sides are battered, but the Orks are taking the worst of it

Chaos armor surveys the battlefield

The Orks are routed!  Chaos repels the Ork invasion

Check out this super cool Ork objective

And on another table… Tyranids take the city by storm!